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Create AI-powered Business Plan that includes:

  • Business idea validation

  • Market study

  • Competition analysis

  • Risk assessment

  • Strategic plan

  • HR plan

  • Business Model

  • Revenue Streams

  • Marketing activities 

  • Financial forecasts

Need guidance? Book a meeting with real business consultant and discuss your business idea

It needs only
ONE step,
life-changing achievements

How your AI Business Plan works?

PLX Business simulates a virtual business meeting with 3 consultants (AI Avatars). A business consultant who guides you to build the strategic plan step by step, a marketing consultant who conducts the market studies and propose marketing activities, and a financial consultant who makes the financial projections to ensure that your business will be profitable. 
As you go through the meeting, your plan will be generated, and you can customize any part to fit your flavor and directions. By the end of the meeting, download your MS Word version for further customization.
Check this video to understand how PLX Business is crafting the business plan and what to expect from as a business plan components and document structure.

Why do I need a Business Plan ?

Creating a business plan before starting a business is essential as it provides a clear roadmap, outlines goals and strategies, and is crucial for securing funding. It helps identify challenges and opportunities, ensuring informed decision-making and laying a solid foundation for success.

What to expect from meeting with the real business consultant?


All our consultants with minimum of 15 years of experience in business counseling, we have helped 1000s of entrepreneurs and startups to accelerate their growth and their accessibility to the business.

  • Validate your business idea

  • Idea and concept development

  • Review your business plan

  • Suggest revenue streams

  • Advise on business model development

  • Recommend marketing strategies

  • Advise on financial planning

  • Advise on fund raising strategies 

Best efficient approach




Create your AI Business Plan in minutes

Start by validating your business idea, by generating AI-powered business plan that will give you detailed and comprehensive approach, actionable plan, and concise market insights to start your business immediately.

Enhance your plan with business  consultant

Review your generated business plan with business expert, who will boost your business model with hands on experience and tailored recommendations that will increase your probability to success, and make your roadmap more solid with customized advices.

Review your progress with business mentor

Leverage the continuous guidance and support from business mentor who will keep you on-track through your challenging business journey, attend a scheduled monthly review meeting to identify the gaps, fix problems and exploit new opportunities! 

Affordable price for any serious entrepreneur who wants to start a business

  • One-Time AI Plan

    For everyone who want to start their own business, create 1 detailed business plan.
    • One meeting with AI Consultants
    • Pause meeting Anytime
    • Return to meeting anytime
    • Business Plan in MS Word
    • Customer Service Support
  • Business Plan Boosting

    One time meeting with our business consultant to enhance your business plan with expert touch.
    • One time meeting with business consultant
    • Business idea validation
    • Revenue streams development
    • Strategic objectives review
    • Financial counseling (Excluding TAX)
  • Monthly Business Review

    Every month
    Monthly meeting with business mentor to fix gaps and exploit opportunities.
    • One monthly meeting with business mentor
    • Business performance review
    • Financial counseling (excluding TAX)
    • Marketing recommendations
    • Fund raising support

9 features to rely on PLX Business to create your business Plan instead of ChatGPT

  1. Prompt-Free: No need to write prompts, and get worried about the output accuracy, our AI Engineers developed the most efficient LLM prompts to ensure the accurate outputs.​

  2. Speed: PLX Business can generate full comprehensive business plans in less than 3 minutes, offering a faster solution for entrepreneurs who need quick and efficient planning.

  3. Specialization: PLX Business is specifically designed by Business Consultants for creating business plans, ensuring that the output is tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

  4. Single Output: The generated business plan is editable and downloadable business plan in MS Word format. No need to re-structure the document.

  5. Data Sources: PLX Business is integrating with various data sources, providing more accurate and data-driven business plans.

  6. Guidance & Education: The journey to make the business plan is based on learning and guidance from the AI avatars, to ensure the user understanding for the business planning steps.

  7. Compliance: Our PLX Business plans are compliant with industry standards and regulations, which is crucial for businesses seeking funding or partnerships.

  8. Support: PLX Business as a product has a dedicated customer support team for business plan creation, providing users with assistance and guidance throughout the process if needed.

  9. Scalability: PLX Business generated business plans can be integrated later with PLX Business Dashboard & PLX Business Insights for better monitoring of your business performance.

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